Here at Red7Marine, many of our team members find themselves regularly working on site. Overseeing work on the ground, our experts offer on-hand advice and expertise. From large-scale projects to smaller mobilisations, a day on any site varies greatly to those spent in our Ipswich-based offices.

Bringing you a peak into the world of marine construction and life on site, Sean Riley, our Works Manager, discusses a typical day in his life when he’s working on the ground:

“As I leave for work, I usually start my day with a round of telephone calls to the various sites and personnel associated with our projects. Most of our operational team members start work at 7am, so I try to do this before the daily shift briefings they attend.


If I am on site myself, then I will either attend or deliver a start of shift briefing. These will include the daily work schedule, documentation associated with the schedule and any concerns or queries the team might have. From then on, my day varies depending on the site and the operational duties which need to be carried out.

As a Works Manager, I will always instruct and direct the various operational teams. Meanwhile, if I am required to temporarily act as Barge Master then I would complete checks of the platform, ensuring that all is ok with the barge before confirming authorisation for the works to commence. Alternatively, as an Appointed Person, I would take responsibility for all lifting operations, ensuring the teams associated with the operations are working in accordance with our documentation, abiding by the various regulations and legislations in place.

During the day things can change and being adaptable is a key part of my role. Through amending documents, reactive direction and risk assessments, I can ensure that all of the personnel associated with the works are operating within a safe system, whilst working efficiently to get the job done.

I usually speak to the team I am directly responsible for at least twice throughout the day to offer support and guidance. Sometimes just being on the end of the phone is enough to confirm any thoughts or ideas they may be considering. I can be a second voice, offering encouragement and confidence when they are making decisions.

Whether I am on the ground or in the office, I will also speak with supply chain partners and potential clients. I set targets to speak with any current suppliers and potential clients daily.”

Roles with Red7Marine are varied and exciting, taking members of our team across the country.