In October, the NP392 jack up barge was mobilised to Middlehaven Dock in Middlesbrough for the works on a new £10m lifting bridge for Middlesbrough Council.

The new road bridge will improve traffic access which will support the regeneration of the brownfield development sites in this part of Middlesbrough. Red7Marine is working alongside clients Dawson Wam and Balfour Beatty for this project.

The work is due to complete on the link road and Middlehaven Dock Bridge in Summer 2018, leading the flagship scheme which will see Middlesbrough become home to a proposed £30m snow centre as a part of its regeneration.

Red7Marine supplied the NP392 jack up barge as a stable platform from which to install the piles which will form the foundations for the new bridge within the current dock entrance. The 1200mm piles were installed using an RH28 rig and a pile gate attached to the front of the jack up barge.

Nick Offord, Managing Director at Red7Marine comments “We are delighted to be providing the NP392 jack up barge and our experienced bargemasters to assist with the works on the new road bridge in Middlesbrough. The arrival of the barge was a significant st

ep for Middlesbrough Council in commencing the work on its new flagship scheme leading the way for regeneration of the area.”