Marine Construction

From near shore to inland waterways construction projects, Red7Marine’s in-house approach towards marine construction offers a complete package to all clients.

With a vast amount of experience, highly skilled teams and a range of bespoke plant, Red7Marine has the seasoned confidence to take on challenging marine construction projects in even the most hostile of environments.

Our marine construction services include (but are not limited to):

  • Tubular driven piling
  • Sheet piled cofferdams
  • Rock socket piling
  • Marine rotary bored piling
  • Construction of piers and marinas
  • Pipeline and outfall installation
  • Marine demolition
  • Scour protection and remediation

Marine Construction Projects

Quality Assured

Quality Assured

Red7Marine’s reputation for quality is based on the company’s long track record of construction of near shore structures, such as dolphins and jetties.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is vitally important to Red7Marine and we work hard to ensure that our marine construction projects have the minimal impact on the environment.

Bespoke Plant

Bespoke Plant

With vast experience, a highly skilled team and bespoke plant, Red7Marine is confident to take on challenging marine construction projects in hostile marine environments.

Marine Construction Disciplines
Tubular Driven Piling

Tubular Driven Piling

Red7Marine is capable of installing vertical or raking steel tubes up to 2m diameter. Tubular piles are capable of being driven deep into the bearing stratum with their light and resilient qualities, making them one of the most commonly used piles within the industry. Piling gate systems, designed and fabricated in-house, hold the tubular piles in the correct position.

Red7Marine installs tubular driven piles in estuarine and near shore environments. To find out more about tubular driven piling, take a look at the project we completed at Battersea Power Station.

Sheet Piled Cofferdams

Sheet Piled Cofferdams

Red7Marine can provide bespoke sheet piled cofferdam installation services and has extensive experience in estuarine and near shore environments. Red7Marine offers the complete package from design through to installation supported by our extensive range of marine equipment.

To find out more about sheet piled cofferdams and where they can be used, take a look our work at Brighton Marina.

Rock Socket Piling

Rock Socket Piling

Rock socket piling is a method used when it is not possible to drive steel piles due to ground conditions.

Jack-up barges are often used for the correct positioning of the rock sockets and to ensure that any delays to operations caused by environmental conditions are minimised.

Pier And Marina Construction

Pier and Marina Construction

Red7Marine has the specialist equipment and experience to carry out the construction and refurbishment of leisure based maritime structures. Completed projects such as Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier, highlight the extensive work that is often carried out and demonstrates the challenging environments that Red7Marine is capable of operating in.

To find out more about pier and marina construction, take a look at this project we carried out at Weston-Super-Mare.

Marine Rotary Bored Piling

Marine Rotary Bored Piling

Overwater Marine Rotary Bored Piling can be a complex task requiring specialist marine equipment and the use of rotary drilling rigs. Working from jack-up barges to carry out operations minimises the potential disruption caused by adverse weather conditions and ensures the correct installation of the piles.

Rotary bored piling was used by our team during the construction of the Emirates Cable Car.

Sub Sea Pipelines

Sub-Sea Pipelines and Outfalls

Red7Marine can provide complete marine outfall construction and refurbishment as well as the relining of existing pipelines and sewage outfalls. Installations and operations have been carried out at a wide variety of locations around the UK coastline including Bradwell and Oldbury nuclear power stations for Magnox.

Throughout the years we have undertaken a number of projects involving sub-sea pipelines and outfalls including work at Oldbury Nuclear Power Station.

Scour Protection

Scour Protection and Remediation

Red7Marine can install a variety of scour protection systems that control erosion in the estuarine and offshore environment. Protection is used to prevent scouring around bridge abutments, offshore wind turbines and various other maritime structures. Various solutions such as grout bags, pipe flex mattresses, gabion baskets and concrete scour mats can be installed.

Fingringhoe Firing Ranges is just one of the projects that we have completed using scour protection and remediation.

Marine Demolition

Marine Demolition

The Bradwell power station wing wall removal was a technically challenging demolition project that was beyond the capabilities of most land based contractors and is a great example of Red7Marine’s marine demolition capabilities.

To find out more about marine demolition, read about our involvement in the Bradwell Wing Wall project.

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“Our relationship with Red7Marine and their Personnel through all stages of this challenging Project has been based on partnership and co-operation. A huge consideration was given at the initial phase to identify potential difficulties. This has been followed by development of various scenarios and methods of addressing such difficulties which provided a great benefit during actual works. We look forward to continuing the relationship with the Red7Marine team.”

Kate Sellers, Site Agent BAM Nuttall