Red7Marine successfully completed a challenging and crucial project on the marine structures at the Coca Cola London Eye. Repairs were carried out on the pier access walkways and one of the floating pontoons was removed for drydocking to allow it to be surveyed, repainted and fitted with new cathodic protection.

Due to the central London location and the importance of this landmark attraction, Red7Marine had to work to a tight 4-day programme to minimise disruption, operating two teams on 12 hour day and nightshifts to maximise time and efficiency on site.  Access to and from the London Eye Pier was restricted for the duration of the works to allow Red7Marine to establish the site and carry out the necessary repairs.

The full package for the works included the removal of the existing articulation joints, disengagement of the access brows, in-situ machining and re-boring of the tidal compensation connections, supply and installation of new bushes and articulation pins and the re-instatement of the marine structures to their existing condition. Red7Marine developed a safe, cost effective temporary works system to restrain the walkways while ensuring that the structure could be disengaged and worked on throughout the range of the tides and cope with the swell from passing vessels.