With opportunities in the market expanding, we are excited to be working with OverWater on the operation of the Typhoon 3000.

The Typhoon 3000 is a ‘conventional’ jack-up barge and semi-submersible
dry dock that can submerge without the use of pumps and / or ballast
systems. The valves in the top and bottom of the pontoon are opened, and
the submerging can begin.

The barge is currently available for charter in the UK and Northern Europe.
The modern jack-up is ideally suited to heavy marine civils, the
transportation of heavy structures and was specifically developed with
defence requirements in mind.

The Typhoon 3000 has been built to the highest standard and is extremely
versatile, comprised of a monohull pontoon 4 jacking systems and 4 spud

Introducing Typhoon 3000