Ryan joined Red7Marine after graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 2020, with first-class honours in Engineering.

“After joining Red7Marine I instantly recognised the great mix of hard work and entertainment in the office and onsite – with the office based within our fabrication yard at Cliff Quay, we always remain close to the action. The degree of friendliness and loyalty throughout Red7Marine’s team is displayed often, and it is a true honour to be a part of such a great company.

My typical day at the office starts at 8am, I review my workload and create a plan for the day. I begin working on Site Specific Assessments, these consist of deck plans, floating stability, jacked stability, and sea fastening calculations. Occasionally projects will require the assistance of piling gates or access platforms, for this I will conduct the designs for new bespoke temporary works, or modifications to existing structures.

I foresee a significant expansion in Red7Marine’s future with developments in the engineering department and our temporary works team. This enables more complex yet efficient and sustainable designs of bespoke piling gates and cantilevered working platforms. I am also looking forward to seeing the company grow and take on more works across Europe and further renewable projects offshore.

My favourite project that I have worked on since joining Red7Marine is the Dukes Meadow project with Knights Brown, the intricacy this project required fascinated me tremendously. There were many factors that made this project interesting, the complexity of the ballasting arrangement, timing our work to allow for the most accessible tide during the install, and monitoring the development of the trestles to hold and sea-fasten the bridge to the barge during transit along the Thames.

I am eager to see what other projects Red7Marine have in store for the future.”