Before joining Red7Marine as a Project Quantity Surveyor in April 2023, Kaleem worked at BAM Nuttall Ltd as a Quantity Surveyor where his responsibilities included overseeing the Antarctic Infrastructure and Modernisation Programme framework for the British Antarctic Survey.

Find out more about Kaleem’s role within Red7Marine in the blog post below.

“The experience I have gained since joining Red7Marine aligns perfectly with my career progression goals. It encompasses a wide range of activities, such as pre-tender involvement, contract reviews and negotiations, commercial management, and general business operations. Red7Marine’s dynamic work environment fosters employee growth, and its friendly approach promotes effective communication and collaboration, ultimately increasing our productivity.

During my workdays I dedicate time to reviewing contract documents for the various projects that Red7Marine is bidding on. This ensures that we are satisfied with the Terms and Conditions outlined in the contracts. Once complete, I engage with the potential clients until we reach an agreement and sign the contract. Additionally, I oversee the general commercial management of our ongoing projects, monitoring costs and values against Red7Marine’s forecasts. I also collaborate with our Managing Director, Kristen and Head of Business Improvement and QHSE, Mark, to explore opportunities for streamlining and improving our commercial procedures within the company.

Red7Marine offers tremendous opportunities for growth, both for the company and personally. In the future, I envision myself leading the commercial department to manage the numerous projects we aim to secure. I strongly believe in giving back and therefore, I aspire to become a mentor, guiding the younger generation in their journey towards becoming industry professionals.

I have had the privilege of working on and supporting impressive projects at Red7Marine, and one of my favourites so far has been the Bridgewater Enabling Works which was the installation of a test pile. From the bidding stage onwards, I have been deeply involved in leading the entire contractual negotiation process with the client. We have successfully secured an advance payment for materials and mobilisation costs, which greatly benefited our cashflow during the early stages of the project. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to manage this exciting project commercially from the moment we set foot on site until the demobilisation phase”.