The Marine Partner of Choice, Red7Marine, has expanded the ability of its fleet in marine access solutions by increasing the versatility of its Haven Seastabler barge which is now capable of carrying 65 tonnes in fully jacked-up mode. This expansion means the barge can now be applied to both floating and jacked up operations and can be configured to different sizes to suit different client requirements.

The Haven Seastabler is a modular stabilised barge, a cross between a flat-top barge and a jack-up barge, the Seastabler’s four legs are pre-loaded into the seabed, then the vessel is jacked up and pinned off, providing a stable working platform. Meanwhile, the Seastabler’s modular nature allows for it to be transformed into a smaller vessel, in turn reducing the barge’s lightship weight.

This adjustment carries an almost limitless array of benefits for the Seastabler’s users, it can now be used for both jacked-up and floating operations. Additionally, the Seastabler can be configured easily between the original, larger stabilised vessel and the smaller configuration which accommodates jacked-up operations.

However, the ability to make adjustments throughout the course of a project is not the only advantage that comes with this vessel’s adaptability; it also provides scope to vary the configuration of the barge for jacked-up operations during production. The barge can now be built in a few different sizes, as to suit the requirements of each individual project.

Nick Offord, CEO at Red7Marine comments: “This development has enabled us to further expand our broad range of marine access solutions. This transition makes the Seastabler ideal for smaller-scale projects, such as site investigation jobs or operations where larger marine plant is not required. We look forward to the barge’s next adventure and where its versatility will take it next.”