Robbie Arnott originally joined Red7Marine as a Trainee Barge Master. Previously, Robbie was an army veteran determined to apply his exceptional work ethic to an exciting and growing industry – marine construction became the perfect fit for him.

Robbie is an invaluable member of the Red7Marine team, having risen through the ranks to become a talented Marine Superintendent. Robbie supports our team on the ground, oversees exciting projects and supports our internal mental health awareness schemes. He is a brilliant example of success here at Red7Marine.

To offer insight into what Robbie’s role truly entails, he discusses what his typical working day looks like and his hopes for the future:

“I joined Red7Marine straight out of the army as a Trainee Barge Master. I had never even seen a barge, let alone worked on one, so the training was definitely challenging! However, I’m a hard worker and as an army veteran I can apply myself in challenging situations, so I still found myself enjoying every minute of it.

I have since progressed into a Marine Superintendent and I really do love the job. It’s challenging in a great way, my days are varied and I find supporting our workers on the ground massively fulfilling. As an army veteran, mental health is something that I’m particularly passionate about. Being able to offer support to my colleagues makes this job even more satisfying.

My typical working day changes all the time! Generally, I’ll touch base with our site teams, speak with clients, ensure that all of our projects’ documentation is filed appropriately, plan ahead for upcoming projects, attend meetings and participate in any relevant training. We are constantly working to upskill ourselves and I’m able to explore any areas of the business which I’m interested in.

There are so many projects that I’ve enjoyed working on with Red7Marine. Our Thames Oil Port project stands out to me because I’ve been working on it since the very beginning, I really feel involved with its development.

In the future, I look forward to gaining more experience, hiring new trainees and helping to expand Red7Marine. We’re genuinely like a family unit, I look forward to coming into work every day and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!”