Our 80t Haven Seajack 4 jack-up barge has recently completed a site investigation campaign at Littlehampton Harbour.

Borehole samples were being taken from the riverbed by Geotechnics to inform the final design of a part of the harbour’s western wall due for replacement.

Our Haven Seajack 4 was disassembled at our port side fabrication facility in Ipswich and was transported in modular form to site.

The project involved a few weeks of frequent moves in the confined entrance to the harbour.

With the marine ground investigations complete, the team at Littlehampton are now moving onto finalising the design of the reinstated west wall that is due to be built by the end of the year.

Thanks to the team at Littlehampton Harbour who assisted us with re-assembling the barge and for managing the on-site moves with harbour workboats Erica and Windsong.