Behind the scenes mobilising one of our Haven Seajack units. 👀

Our Haven Seajack series of barge is a popular choice for geotechnical investigations in nearshore coastal and inland waterways environments.

Before mobilising any of our assets, we work closely with our clients to determine and tailor a deck plan to their specific requirements. This involves looking at the weight of the equipment that is going to be loaded on deck and ensuring the jack-up’s floating and jacked stability.

These images capture the mobilisation process of our Haven Seajack 4 which was being used by Littlehampton Harbour for a geotechnical investigation campaign.

Before arriving to the mobilisation location, the barge was disassembled at our port-side fabrication facility in Ipswich and was transported in modular form to the site. The jack-up barge consists of several modular floats which are coupled together through male/female connection systems. Our logistics team worked closely with the client to re-assemble the barge, lift the legs in and load the project equipment.

The whole mobilisation process involves careful planning with the client, local authorities, and suppliers, arranging suitable shoreside craneage and transportation of the barge.

We are lucky to have a great team of in-house engineers and logistics personnel who handle all mobilisations efficiently and uniquely to the project requirements – making this a smooth process for our clients.

It was great to work with the team at Littlehampton Harbour on this project on a quick turnaround timeframe with the initial enquiry landing on our desks at the beginning of March, through to being delivered on site and ready to work early April.

Photo credit: Andy T Lee Photography