From concept and fabrication to operational use…introducing our latest CTV ladder.

We are continuously developing our methods of access and egress to ensure safety and to alleviate and/or mitigate hazards and risks, but also to work more efficiently. Our latest offering is the 6.5t CTV Ladder.

Since April, Red7Marine has been working in collaboration with MintMech Specialist Engineers to come up with a highly versatile, robust and safe method of CTV ladder access that encompasses the ability for a CTV up to 6.5t in  weight to push up against it, minimising a vertical climb, and maximising the opportunity for ‘walk to work’.

In addition we wanted a system that was adjustable in height to alleviate tidal window constraints and with the ability to take a larger CTV, which in turn has higher weather and environmental  parameters for crew transfer – reducing weather days when conditions on site are perfect, but transfer conditions are not.

Key Features:
•      Hydraulically operated;
•      Adjustable height of main ladder structure;
•      Gangway pivoted from ladder structure to access platform;
•      Minimum vertical climb to gangway, with inertia reel clip on system;
•      Adjustable central ladder system to accommodate varying shapes of CTV bow maintaining safe ‘step off’ distance;
•      Fabricated in house by Red7Marine

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