Bradwell Power Station Barrier Wall

Case Study Overview

Red7Marine is a leading provider of equipment for marine demolition and is skilled in dismantling structures that are beyond the reach of ordinary demolition contractors. In 2012, Red7Marine removed approximately 800 tonnes of steel in the Blackwater Estuary from the Bradwell nuclear power station water intake structure.

At a glance

  • Location: Bradwell-on-sea, Essex
  • Plant used: Haven Seaforth, Flat top barges, Workboats
  • What we did: Red7Marine removed 800 tonnes of steel in the Blackwater Estuary.

The Challenge

The marine demolition operations carried out were extremely dependant on the weather and tides. The works involved the removal of large sections of vertical and raking sheet piles. Over the previous years since the closure of the power station, silt had built up around the wall structures which had to be removed with long reach excavators to allow cutting of the sheet piles.
Bradwell Challenge

The Solution

Red7Marine supplied a team of specialists who cut the sheet piles underwater using specialist cutting equipment. The tidal currents in the Blackwater estuary presented only small windows of opportunity for the Red7Marine divers to carry out the cutting operations, allowing for entry into the water only twice a day for 1-2 hours over the slack water periods.

Temporary works and multipoint lifting beams were designed and fabricated in-house so panels of sheet piles could be safely removed in single lifts without the risk of separation. The cut sections of the sheet pile wall were removed using large crawler cranes on flat top barges. The sections were lifted onto smaller supply barges which were towed to a local port for removal and recycling.

Nick Offord, Managing Director at Red7Marine commented: “The operations undertaken at Bradwell were carried out in challenging conditions but with our engineering expertise, correct planning and an extremely skilled team of marine specialists the wing wall was successfully removed. This is a great example of working with a client in partnership under strict health and safety conditions and with just small windows of opportunity each day to carry out the works.”

Bradwell Solution

Commercially aware

As result of extensive experience, Red7Marine’s team understand weather risks and the commercial impact they pose and approach projects accordingly. This project was extremely dependant on the weather.

Technical support

Red7Marine carried out operations using specialist equipment in small windows of opportunity. As an industry leader, Red7Marine drives solutions with its range of cutting edge services and equipment.

Safe approach

Safety was paramount during this operation. Specialist health monitoring was carried out to check for any potential contamination levels of silts on the removed sheet pile sections.




Westminster Pier Extension

The Westminster Pier Extension allows more frequent River Bus services between Woolwich and North Greenwich to Westminster. The extension is a key part of the River Action Plan to improve TfL’s piers and increase capacity for passengers before 2020. Red7Marine designed and built a custom pile gate for the project. The barge was reviewed to support a 180t crawler crane for piling operations and was then further reviewed with an additional RH28 drill rig on board.

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Brighton Marina
Phase 2

In order to accommodate a new luxury apartment block in Brighton, part of the marina needed to be reclaimed using sheet piled cofferdams. This would enable the water to be kept out and foundations to be built for the stunning seafront properties. Red7Marine supported the installation of a sheet pile twin wall cofferdam.

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Red7Marine installed replacement Active Effluent Discharge Lines at Oldbury power station as part of the on-going care and maintenance works. Red7Marine’s previous project experience on similar projects consisting of works on subsea pipeline and outfalls at Bradwell and Sizewell nuclear power stations, positioned the company as the ideal marine partner for client, Magnox.

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Emirates Cable Car

The Emirates cable car was installed to provide a pedestrian link across the River Thames between the Royal Docks and the Greenwich peninsula. Red7Marine worked with Bachy Soletanche in a joint venture to install the foundations for the one-kilometre long cable car using marine rotary bored piling.

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Battersea River Pier

Red7Marine secured a contract at Battersea in December 2016 to install new tubular driven steel mooring piles for the Battersea Power Station river bus pontoon installation which is planned to be operational in Autumn 2017. Transport for London (TFL) decided to extend the river bus service after the number of housing developments at Battersea began to increase.

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Middleton Sands Navigation Marker

This fast turn-around marine construction project involved the installation of a new tubular steel navigation marker pile at Middleton Sands, Barrow-in-Furness in 2017. The navigation marker was required to identify the sub surface obstructions and enable other vessels in the area to operate safely.

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Liverpool 2

Liverpool 2 Deep Water Port Extension

Red7Marine was the marine partner of choice for BAM Nuttall when they constructed a piled combi-wall as part of the Liverpool 2 Dock Expansion that began in 2014. The construction of the container terminal was supported by four of Red7Marine’s jack up barges; the Haven Seariser 1, Haven Seariser 2 and the Haven Seariser 3 and the Haven Seajack as it carried out rock socket piling works.

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Weston Super Mare


The Red7Marine team was chosen to provide specialist marine plant and personnel to aid the redevelopment of the Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier after it was destroyed in a fire in 2008. Red7Marine supplied the Haven Seajack 4 assisted in the pier construction works. Its previous experience in pier and marina construction works made it the ideal project partner for this development.

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Fingringhoe Firing Ranges

Red7Marine installed scour protection and provided remediation on damaged sections of the flood defences to preserve areas of the salt marsh at the Fingringhoe firing ranges in Essex. Scour protection and remediation techniques are used to control erosion in both estuarine and the offshore environments.

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