The Marine Partner of Choice, Red7Marine, is currently supporting BAM Nuttall on the River Hull to maintain and improve the flood defences in the area as part of an on-going contract with the Environment Agency.

Red7Marine’s 250t Haven Seariser 3 has been supporting the project since November 2018 with the provision of experienced personnel on board to oversee operations.

The programme of works is a part of the Environment Agency’s £62.5M River Hull Flood Defences Scheme which will reduce the risk of flooding to 63,000 properties.

The project has involved installing approximately 2.5km of sheet-piled walls 2m in front of the existing defences which provide one in 200-year flood protection. The original walls had reached the end of their design lifespan and were at risk of collapsing and corroding.

The works have continued throughout the Coronavirus pandemic in line with government advice due to its essential nature to protect lives and homes.

Kristen Branford, Managing Director comments: “We always have and will continue to do the right thing by our team, business and industry; protecting people being the priority. We continued supporting BAM Nuttall and its operations in Hull throughout the pandemic working collaboratively to minimise risk and disruption.

We have a team of dedicated staff members appointed to oversee contingency plans and to ensure the right measures are in place for our sites to continue operating safely.

Red7Marine has worked closely with BAM Nuttall since the beginning of the project due to its sensitive nature. All barge moves were planned safely and precisely taking into consideration the narrow stretches of river, 90-degree bends and low bridges. Our 250t modular Haven Seariser 3 jack-up barge was ideal for the programme due to its ability to suit the winding characteristics of the river.

Marine operations were also carefully executed around river traffic and tidal restrictions to reduce down-time when moving the barge to new site locations.”

Kate Sellers, Site Agent at BAM Nuttall comments: “We are delighted with the progress we have made on the flood defence programme on the River Hull The. By working collaboratively with Red7Marine we are able to take advantage of the company’s vast track record and experience in working in challenging marine environments – something integral to this project due to its location and importance.

We look forward to continuing the project and relationship with the Red7Marine team.”