With Red7Marine continuing to expand, the company is now uniquely positioned to provide a tailor-made training platform for people looking to start a career in the marine industry. The bespoke training course has been specifically designed to help combat the longstanding skill shortage within the Marine Construction industry.

As a values led organisation, Red7Marine has taken a proactive approach to the skills shortage, transforming its previous HQ at Wrabness into a new dedicated training centre. The two-week Marine Recruits Foundation course combines classroom activities with a practical hands on approach, teaching recruits valuable marine skills which will be used throughout their careers. The bespoke training course offers delegates the opportunity to learn a range of basic skills before joining their on-site teams. The course is not only offered to Red7Marine recruits but also to other companies working in the industry looking to provide their employees with specialist marine training.

The Marine Partner of Choice was one of the founding members of IJUBOA and maintaining high standards across the industry is incredibly important to Red7Marine as a leading provider to the industry. Safety is deeply ingrained in the culture of Red7Marine and by the end of the two-week foundation course, recruits will be able to safely join a highly skilled team to gain practical experience across one of many sites throughout the UK.

Staff are at the very core of Red7Marine and the driving force behind the company. The Marine Partner of Choice has handpicked a specialist team to carry out the interactive and practical courses, which can be undertaken by anyone with some experience in the following areas; mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, steel fabrication, boat handling, crane operations or construction skills.

The course is a starting point in the Marine Construction and Renewables industry which could lead to a career pathway across a wide range of roles that include; Bargemasters, Maintenance Engineers, Construction Operatives and many more.

Chris Allen, Head of Recruitment and Development comments “We are delighted with the positive feedback received from the programme so far. Many recruits have already successfully completed the course and have gone on to join onsite teams. We hope the course has provided the recruits with a starting point within the industry and are excited for them to progress throughout the Marine and Renewables sector.”

Nick Offord CEO of Red7Marine adds “The Marine Skill shortage is something the industry has faced for years and we are excited to be at the forefront of trying to change this. With Red7Marine’s reputation for safety and high-quality work, the course provides the perfect addition to the company as well as offering new opportunities to young people throughout the industry.”