The Marine Partner of Choice, Red7Marine, recently completed the purchase of a 1,000t jack-up barge, the Haven SeaChallenger. The monohull jack-up barge has deck dimensions of 50 x 24m and a leg length of 55m which is a huge enhancement to Red7Marine’s existing fleet.

Despite a challenging market, Red7Marine has continued to invest in the business to support its growth ambitions. Over the past year, the organisation has grown its offering in its core market sectors of nearshore marine infrastructure and renewable energy. This has involved developing new ways to support clients with the ever-growing demand for nuclear power, renewable energy, port infrastructure, coastal protection and flood defences and alleviation schemes.

Red7Marine has also moved into new markets, focusing on projects that combat key issues in the industry including climate change, energy supply and environmental protection – all of which contribute to a more sustainable future.

The purchase of the Haven SeaChallenger is an exciting step-change for the company. Red7Marine now owns and operates 12 jack-up barges ranging from 100t to 1000t, and this addition will allow Red7Marine to embrace larger opportunities and provides greater flexibility to move with market requirements as project demands grow.

Amongst other benefits, the Haven SeaChallenger also allows Red7Marine to offer its clients a liveaboard option, which can be a differentiator on projects where crew transfers are costly and time-consuming. This will be essential in meeting the company’s aim to move into renewable markets and to offer support on large marine infrastructure projects.

Kristen Branford, Managing Director at Red7Marine comments: “This is a really exciting time for Red7Marine. By purchasing the Haven SeaChallenger, we are ready to take on bigger projects with an enhanced capability. This will open greater market share for the business and is an investment which will grow our core business activity as well as open new doors.”

In addition to this boost to the company’s fleet, Red7Marine’s CEO Nick Offord and Business Development Manager Sophie Willcock have been elected Directors of the International Jack-up Barge Operators Association and have taken on the task of running the association from John and Lucy Howard.

The Association’s mission is to set, sustain and promote standards for the safe and effective operation of self-elevating platforms throughout the world. Through his Directorship and Chairmanship, Nick hopes to challenge the marine industry to raise the bar.

Nick comments: “2021 has already been a great year for Red7Marine and our team. We are excited to announce the purchase of the Haven SeaChallenger and to start developing opportunities with clients.

This past year has been about making ourselves stronger, since our founding in 1999, we have continually built our reputation as the UK’s Marine Partner of Choice. The purchase of this 1,000t jack-up barge is a significant milestone that we feel extremely proud of, highlighting the growth of the business in an unpredictable market.

We are already in discussions regarding several future projects for the Haven SeaChallenger and look forward to seeing where the barges’ first charter will be.

I also became Chairman of IJUBOA in late 2020 and as one of the founding members, this was a position I was proud to take on. Throughout my position, I hope we can work to create further guidance and provide even more support to jack-up barge operators and associated stakeholders on an international level.

All of these exciting changes within our business are a testament to the great team we have, our clients and supply chain.”